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The safety, security and privacy of our residents is absolutely paramount and we do everything in our power to protect our residents and stay compliant with the law.

Historically it was acceptable practice for us to upload photographs of residents enjoying our various activities with their or their family’s consent. However the taking of photographs of people who cannot provide informed consent is now considered to be unethical and we will from now on be concealing the identity of our residents unless they have capacity to provide us with informed consent.

Please speak to any Registered Manager at Cannon Care Homes Limited or the Care Quality Commission if you would like any further information.

Grand National at The Check House

Posted: 9th April 2021

We have been playing our own Grand National game and it has been really good fun.

Arts & Crafts at Silverleigh

Posted: 8th April 2021

An art activity with a difference and a beautiful end result – we very much enjoyed the pebble painting activity.

Electric Racing at The Check House

Posted: 6th April 2021

Lots of residents enjoy using the electronic model racing cars we have!

Music & Easter Preparations at The Check House

Posted: 29th March 2021

We have had a good weekend playing some music and preparing for Easter.

Flower Arranging at The Check House

Posted: 24th March 2021

Madeleine and Maureen are doing some flower arranging together.

St Patrick's Day at The Check House

Posted: 18th March 2021

We had a lovely St Patrick’s Day yesterday.

We had a pot of gold which we had made ourselves, filled with chocolate and other goodies.

There was also home made cupcakes with delicious green icing.

Beach Sensory Box at The Check House

Posted: 15th March 2021

On Saturday Sian brought in some fossils she found at Charmouth beach. The residents really enjoyed looking at them and learning about the different types of fossils.

Spring Craft Activities at Silverleigh

Posted: 11th March 2021

Some of the residents enjoyed making Spring themed greeting cards.

Floor Piano at The Check House

Posted: 11th March 2021

We have taken it in turns to play on the floor piano this morning. It is very clever and good fun.

Contact visits at Silverleigh

Posted: 9th March 2021

This lady celebrated her birthday today, and we are so happy she was able to receive a visit from her daughter.

Sign making at The Check House

Posted: 9th March 2021

Susie and Derek have made a sign to remind everyone to wash their hands.

Tovertafel at The Check House

Posted: 5th March 2021

We are having a brilliant time playing games on our wonderful Tovertafel.

Indoor Polo at The Check House

Posted: 1st March 2021

We played a bit of indoor polo this morning and it was really good fun.

Westie at The Check House

Posted: 26th February 2021

Jean absolutely loves spending time with the dog

Pilates at The Check House

Posted: 23rd February 2021

A big thank you to Cami from Blossoms Pilates in Axminster for providing us with a bespoke pilates class which the residents really enjoyed.

Residents enjoying the iPad at The Check House

Posted: 19th February 2021

Lots of residents enjoy using and interacting with the iPad.

Valentine's Day themed tea dance at The Check House

Posted: 16th February 2021

We had a belated Valentine’s Day themed tea dance on Monday afternoon and it was really good fun.

We danced all afternoon until it was time for delicious tea and homemade cakes.

Many thanks to the staff for their hard work and dedication.

Biscuit making at Silverleigh

Posted: 12th February 2021

We really enjoyed making (and eating) biscuits this morning at Silverleigh!

Laurel & Hardy at The Check House

Posted: 11th February 2021

We’re watching a classic Laurel & Hardy film on the big screen.

Valentine's Tree at Silverleigh

Posted: 9th February 2021

Love is in the air at Silverleigh!  A Valentine’s tree with notes of love adorns the reception area.