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The safety, security and privacy of our residents is absolutely paramount and we do everything in our power to protect our residents and stay compliant with the law.

Historically it was acceptable practice for us to upload photographs of residents enjoying our various activities with their or their family’s consent. However the taking of photographs of people who cannot provide informed consent is now considered to be unethical and we will from now on be concealing the identity of our residents unless they have capacity to provide us with informed consent.

Please speak to any Registered Manager at Cannon Care Homes Limited or the Care Quality Commission if you would like any further information.

Communicating with loved ones at Silverleigh

Posted: 20th January 2021

We do our best to enable communication between loved ones at this difficult time. This lady enjoyed speaking to her husband on the phone while he was behind the glass door.

Cinema time at The Check House

Posted: 20th January 2021

Yesterday we watched the first James Bond film Dr. No (1962).

Valentine’s card making at Silverleigh

Posted: 19th January 2021

What a romantic bunch we are, with an afternoon spent making cards for Valentine’s Day!

Glass bottle painting at The Check House

Posted: 19th January 2021

We have had a really good time painting some bottles and jars.

Games at The Check House

Posted: 18th January 2021

It is amazing the games we can get on the iPad, here we have Joan playing on a full drum kit!

Tie Tuesday at The Check House

Posted: 12th January 2021

It is Tie Tuesday at Check House!

Music session with Paul at Silverleigh

Posted: 12th January 2021

Whether you want to have a good old sing along or just listen, everyone is welcome at our Silverleigh music sessions.

Board games at The Check House

Posted: 11th January 2021

A peaceful morning here at Check House playing some board games.

Musical morning with Gary at Silverleigh

Posted: 8th January 2021

We are very lucky to have such a talented team of activities staff at Silverleigh. Gary is playing some favourites this morning in the lounge for everyone to sing along with.

Art classes at Silverleigh

Posted: 7th January 2021

Art class is held a regular activity at Silverleigh and is very therapeutic, especially on a cold January day! This class was ‘Epiphany’ themed.

Homemade Pizza at The Check House

Posted: 5th January 2021

Yesterday afternoon we had a really good time making our own pizzas for dinner, they were delicious.

Noughts and crosses at The Check House

Posted: 30th December 2020

After the hustle and bustle of Christmas at Check House we are enjoying a peaceful morning playing some games.

Residents Christmas Party at The Check House

Posted: 23rd December 2020

We had an absolutely brilliant day yesterday – it was our annual resident’s Christmas party.

We put on the Christmas music and there was dancing and singing. Father Christmas and Mrs. Clause handed out gifts to everyone.

Christmas Party Food at The Check House

Posted: 23rd December 2020

The kitchen made all the incredible food including a fantastic profiterole Christmas tree.

Many thanks to all the staff for their hard work and dedication.

Painting at The Check House

Posted: 21st December 2020

The Art Club has a good time over the weekend painting some Christmas pinecones

Christmas Cakes at Thornfield

Posted: 16th December 2020

Here's some of the delicious Christmas cakes and biscuits we'll be having over the holidays.

Painting at The Check House

Posted: 15th December 2020

We covered an old bear in paint and used it to make prints, an excellent idea.

Sensory board at The Check House

Posted: 14th December 2020

Clifford really likes using the activity board.

Helpful information for residents at The Check House

Posted: 11th December 2020

We feel it is important the residents know what is going on with the pandemic so we have provided some handouts made specifically for care home residents to read.

Christmas decorations up at Silverleigh

Posted: 10th December 2020

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Silverleigh.