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The safety, security and privacy of our residents is absolutely paramount and we do everything in our power to protect our residents and stay compliant with the law.

Historically it was acceptable practice for us to upload photographs of residents enjoying our various activities with their or their family’s consent. However the taking of photographs of people who cannot provide informed consent is now considered to be unethical and we will from now on be concealing the identity of our residents unless they have capacity to provide us with informed consent.

Please speak to any Registered Manager at Cannon Care Homes Limited or the Care Quality Commission if you would like any further information.

Rainbow painting at The Check House

Posted: 2nd April 2020

There is a nationwide effort to paint rainbows and display them in windows to create the message of love, happiness and kindness during this difficult time. Our residents have had a great time displaying their rainbows.

A creative afternoon at Silverleigh

Posted: 2nd April 2020

The residents have had a lovely afternoon being very creative, decorating their Easter baskets.

Happy wedding anniversary at The Check House

Posted: 2nd April 2020

A very happy wedding anniversary to Clifford and Yolande who celebrate 60 years of marriage. They got married in Bridport on the 2nd April 1960.

A new Sensory Room at Silverleigh

Posted: 1st April 2020

Everyone is absolutely thrilled with the new Sensory Room at Silverleigh. It is a feast for the eyes, and ears and is such a relaxing and yet stimulating room to be in. We hope the residents will enjoy using the new facility.

Keeping in touch at The Check House

Posted: 1st April 2020

Everyone has been joining in to create a hands display to put up in the window for their friends and family to see. It is challenging times for us all due to the corona virus.

Stretching legs at The Check House

Posted: 1st April 2020

On a chilly but beautiful morning in Seaton Tom took Madeleines dog Berrie our for his morning walk.

Birthday greetings at Silverleigh

Posted: 1st April 2020

One of our ladys thoroughly enjoyed her chocolate birthday cake, made by our chefs, and also the flowers she received.

A music afternoon at Silverleigh

Posted: 1st April 2020

Residents at Silverleigh enjoyed an afternoon of music. The activities team played a variety of well loved tunes which the residents enjoyed singing along to.

Enjoying the garden at Silverleigh

Posted: 1st April 2020

Silverleigh residents enjoyed spending time in the garden while the sun was shining.

Happy birthday to another resident at Thornfield

Posted: 1st April 2020

Emma once again has made a wonderful homemade, decorated birthday cake. It makes birthdays very special for our residents.

Birthday greetings at Thornfield

Posted: 1st April 2020

Another birthday and another wonderful cake created by Emma.

Painting at Thornfield

Posted: 1st April 2020

Some of the residents have been colouring, painting and creating some wonderful art work.

Keeping busy at Thornfield

Posted: 1st April 2020

At the moment we are thinking of lots of ways to keep everyone busy. Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to while away the afternoon with a nice cup of tea!

Birthday greetings at The Check House

Posted: 30th March 2020

A very happy birthday to Cynthia who was delighted with her amazing cake and lovely flowers.

Exercise class at The Check House

Posted: 30th March 2020

Everyone enjoyed the exercise class in the cinema room with the edition of music which created a great atmosphere. Thank you to Karen, Heather, Holly and Jo for making it such fun for our residents.

Group video call at The Check House

Posted: 26th March 2020

Tom used his phone to help Richard link up with a group video call with his children, who live all around the world, so they could wish him a happy birthday on his special day.

Cinema afternoon at The Check House

Posted: 24th March 2020

We had a huge crowd in the big lounge yesterday watching The African Queen (1951) on the big screen. It's always a popular way to spend an afternoon.

An unusual Mothers Day at Silverleigh

Posted: 24th March 2020

Silverleigh celebrated Mothers Day in a quiet way this year because visitors are not allowed to visit at the moment due to the Corona Virus. However, our ladies celebrated the day opening cards and presents with the staff and still had a lovely day.

Birthday greetings at The Check House

Posted: 18th March 2020

We all send Jacqueline best wishes for her birthday. Our chefs made a fabulous cake for her special day.

Chatting through the laptop at The Check House

Posted: 17th March 2020

A number of residents have been using a laptop to chat to their families over the webcam. Maureen has been chatting to her son who is currently travelling in Nepal.