Dementia Training

We invest in all our care home staff to ensure they understand residents' needs

Cannon Care Homes invest significantly in all aspects of training for all care home staff, be they domestics, handymen, kitchen staff, administration staff, carers, nurses or managers and with the training we have created a team of highly trained and dedicated staff.

We also recognise how it is both a difficult and sensitive time for families and it is often a very long and slow process of acceptance and understanding of dementia for family members. The training sessions are also available to you as a carer of a loved one or for family and friends so you can be provided with a greater understanding of what life is like living with Dementia. The training course has been designed for us by a team at the specialist Dementia Group at Bradford University. The training offers the opportunity to understand in greater depth the four principle lobes of the brain explaining different types of dementia and understanding how people may be affected in different ways.

Providing excellent care is the core of our training philosophy

We believe that person centred care is the core of everything we do for the residents in our care at Cannon Care Homes. The training ensures a flexible approach to care rather than a task orientated practice. Life does not stop for someone with dementia and to have a greater understanding about dementia is essential, allowing a resident or a family member to live a more comfortable and inclusive life with dignity, respect and identity.

If you would like to attend a training session please ring to book a place. As well as giving you a greater understanding about dementia it will also demonstrate and show the ethos and commitment of all the team at Cannon Care Homes.