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Birthday greetings at Silverleigh

Posted: 14th August 2018

Many happy returns to Jean McCarter who has recently celebrated her birthday with a delicious cake.

Shopping outing from The Check House

Posted: 14th August 2018

Pauline often accompanies the staff into Seaton when the home needs supplies. Today it was time to stock up on cat food!

Hiding stones at The Check House!

Posted: 13th August 2018

Residents from Check House had fun hiding their painted stones. Now we must keep checking the Facebook group to see if any of our stones are found!!

Fun and laughter at Thornfield

Posted: 10th August 2018

The house was full of fun and lots of laughter during an afternoon of games!

Arts and Crafts afternoon at Thornfield

Posted: 10th August 2018

Once again the residents really enjoyed an afternoon of arts and crafts. Kathleen and Bill were both very pleased with the results!

An exciting outing from The Check House

Posted: 9th August 2018

Pauline who lives at The Check House just loves planes and flying so an arrangment was made for her to go to the Devon and Somerset Flight Training School to see some planes close up and in action! What a wonderful time.

Rocks and Stones at The Check House!

Posted: 6th August 2018

In Seaton their is a local initiative called Devon Rocks and Stones. You find a stone and paint any design you like on it and then you hide it locally. When someone finds it they post it on social media and then hide it again! All fun and games! The residents have had a great time painting stones to join in the hide and seek!

Homemade milkshakes at Thornfield

Posted: 2nd August 2018

The residents had a great afternoon making delicious homemade milkshakes which were also thoroughly enjoyed.

Art group at Silverleigh

Posted: 2nd August 2018

Some of the watercolour paintings which are produced in the art group are so lovely. The class is always enjoyed by the residents.

Guitar playing at Silverleigh!

Posted: 2nd August 2018

Mr Godfrey thoroughly enjoyed joining in the guitar session recently in the Reading Room at Silverleigh.

Musical entertainment at The Check House

Posted: 1st August 2018

Richie James is such a regular and favourite at The Check House. He comes once a fortnight to entertain everyone with great hits from the sixties.

Off to a wedding from The Check House

Posted: 31st July 2018

Last Saturday Karen and Margaret took Susan to her friends wedding in Exeter. It was a wonderful day for everyone.

A sunny trip to the Arts Cafe

Posted: 25th July 2018

Some of the residents from Silverleigh enjoyed their regular outing to the Arts Cafe in Axminster.

Another sunny day in Axminster

Posted: 25th July 2018

The residents from Silverleigh spent a lovely time at Sidmouth enjoying both the glorious sunshine and some delicious ice creams!

Third visit of the week to our homes!

Posted: 25th July 2018

Daisy Chain productions have also entertained the residents at Silverleigh this week with their colourful outfits, singing and dancing. It has just been great fun and everyone has enjoyed the production.

Birthday greetings to Kate at Thornfield

Posted: 25th July 2018

Kate had a lovely birthday celebrating her special day with family and friends.

A Jive afternoon at Thornfield

Posted: 25th July 2018

The residents thoroughly enjoyed the singing, dancing and fun when Daisey Chain Productions visited.

Making the most of the glorious weather at Thornfield

Posted: 25th July 2018

Paula, Kathleen and Anne enjoy a walk in the glorious sunshine. What a summer!

Daisy Chain Productions perform at The Check House

Posted: 25th July 2018

Everyone loved the live performance of "Jivin Jukebox". Lots of hits and memories from the fifties including songs from Elvis, Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly.

A settled cat at Silverleigh

Posted: 25th July 2018

We really think Felix is now settled into his new home at Silverleigh!