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Vince has help at The Check House

Posted: 21st April 2017

This morning Myra helped Vince wash the new terrace to keep it looking spick and span.

Another busy day at Thornfield

Posted: 21st April 2017

Kathleen, Sheila and Aimee all enjoy an ice cream in Lyme Regis while others were busy making cakes for afternoon tea. 

A busy weekend at The Check House over Easter

Posted: 21st April 2017

Everyone was very busy over the weekend making Easter bonnets, giving Easter eggs, flower arranging and enjoying lots of arts and crafts.

Jellybean the lamb also made a return visit which thrilled everyone.

Easter egg hunt at Thornfield

Posted: 21st April 2017

Its always fun to hunt for Easter eggs what ever age we are!

Birthday greetings at Thornfield

Posted: 21st April 2017

Derek had a very happy day celebrating his birthday which included a wonderful cake covered in candles.

Happy birthday to Marjorie at Thornfield

Posted: 16th April 2017

Emma made the most stunning cake for Marjorie for her birthday celebrations. Got to see it from all angles!

Creepy crawlies at Silverleigh

Posted: 14th April 2017

Ranger Russ came to Silverleigh to show some of his amazing creatures to the residents. 

Drumming session at Thornfield

Posted: 14th April 2017

Both Bill and George can be seen taking part in the regular drumming session.

A new exercise session with Casey at Thornfield

Posted: 14th April 2017

Casey has just started a new exercise class for residents. It proved to be both popular and lots of fun.

Another creative day at Thornfield

Posted: 14th April 2017

Some of the residents thoroughly enjoyed a creative Spring picture afternoon. Inventive, colourful and fun.

Easter Bonnet making at Thornfield

Posted: 14th April 2017

The residents have been getting ready for Easter and having fun making Easter Bonnets.

A Spring visitor to The Checkhouse

Posted: 13th April 2017

A beautiful baby lamb was brought in to The Check House today to get everyone into a festive Easter mood. It was called Jellybean and delighted everyone with its cuteness!

Arranging Spring flowers at Silverleigh

Posted: 9th April 2017

Great creativity at Silverleigh with the flower arrangements.

Birthday wishes to Patrick

Posted: 9th April 2017

Patrick looks both suprised and delighted with his cake. Thank you to the team at Silverleigh.

Rodericks amazing cake from the kitchen at Silverleigh

Posted: 9th April 2017

A spectacular way to celebrate a birthday with an amazing cake. Quite a work of art! Well done chef.

Amazing food for a special French Day at Silverleigh

Posted: 9th April 2017

Thank you to all the team in the kitchen for such a special menu for French Day which everyone enjoyed. Couldn't find better food anywhere! I have to list what was prepared because it was so amazing. Homemade Bread, Sole Veronique with baby spinach and saute potatoes, Steak Diane almond french beans and whole grain mustard mash, French Onion soup and Cassoulet on toasted sourdough.Tart Tatin and pastries, a lovely cheeseboard,and amazing macaroons and eclairs for tea. What a feast!

Very helpful residents at Thornfield

Posted: 8th April 2017

Emma and Mike are always delighted with the help they receive from residents. Paula and Bill did a marvellous job with the potato peeling in preparation for lunch.

Drum Circle at Thornfield

Posted: 7th April 2017

Such fun is always had during a drum session. Mary was up on her feet dancing to the music while her daughter Michelle clapped and watched the dancing.

Happy birthday to Alan at The Check House

Posted: 7th April 2017

Alan Swann celebrated his 90th birthday in style with his family and a wonderful birthday cake. Best wishes from us all.

More photos of the delicious food made in celebration of the French Day at Thornfield

Posted: 7th April 2017

Once again thank you to the team in the kitchen at Thornfield for producing wonderful food to celebrate the French Day. Everything just looks so delicious.