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Monday 18th July 2016

Last week the staff at Thornfield were given the opportunity to experience a Virtual Dementia Training course. This course is designed to help create a greater awareness and understanding of the physical and mental challenges for someone living with Dementia. The training takes place in a large mobile unit where our staff were able to experience a loss or adjustment to one or many senses. The aim of the training is to provide our staff with a greater understanding of how frustrating and frightening everday life can be for someone living with dementia when they try to carry out, what we may think is, a simple ordinary task. This greater understanding enables our staff to empathise more fully with our residents and in turn they will be able to adjust their working practices to provides even better care and quality of life for our residents. Some comments from staff after the training were; "Such an eye opening experience, hard hitting reality training". "Possibly the best Dementia training I have received. I felt so many emotions during my training. I felt vunerable and also fear".

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