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Trip to Seaton sea front.

Posted: 5th December 2016

Some residents from Silverleigh enjoyed a walk along the sea front at Seaton followed by a cup of tea at The Check House.

A festive morning at Thornfield.

Posted: 5th December 2016

Our residents thoroughly enjoyed singing carols this morning while they made a giant reindeer for the home. Lots of smiles and giggles were heard throughout the morning!

Great talent at Silverleigh.

Posted: 5th December 2016

Pip can be seen proudly holding a lovely picture of an owl which she painted and now hangs in her room.

Silverleigh start Christmas festivities too!

Posted: 1st December 2016

The Christmas trees have arrived and two of our residents braved the cold weather and helped decorate the outside tree today.

Welcome homemade treats are also in reception for visitors to enjoy when they arrive at Silverleigh.

Welcoming mincepies at The Check House

Posted: 1st December 2016

1st of December means homemade mincepie time! Lots more to come this months for everyone to enjoy.

1st December and festivities start at Thornfield!

Posted: 1st December 2016

The staff and residents were feeling very festive today decorating the home ready for Christmas with homemade mincepies to enjoy too.

Thornfield outing to Otter Nurseries

Posted: 29th November 2016

Yesterday some of our residents went out on the minibus to Otter Nursery to enjoy the festive decorations. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the outing.

Christmas is coming at Thornfield!

Posted: 25th November 2016

Kathleen really enjoyed making a homemade Christmas tree out of old magazines with Michelle our activities assistant. It looks amazing!

Harp music at The Check House

Posted: 25th November 2016

Some of our residents thoroughly enjoyed a peaceful and tranquil morning listening to Cheryl Watson playing her harp in our newly finished communal area.

"Stir up Sunday" at The Check House

Posted: 23rd November 2016

On the last Sunday before the season of Advent it is traditional for everyone to stir the mixture for the Christmas pudding. Everyone now waits eagerly to taste it on the 25th of December!

New tables for the dining room at Silverleigh

Posted: 21st November 2016

Ten new tables arrived at Silverleigh today for the dining room all brightly painted which gives a fun vibrant feel to the room.

Happy birthday to Mr Cooper

Posted: 21st November 2016

Mr Cooper who lives at Silverleigh enjoyed a delicious birthday cake for tea last Friday to celebrate his special day.

The variety and different styles of cakes made by all our chefs for our residents to enjoy is fantastic. Thank you once again to the team.

Birthday celebrations at Thornfield

Posted: 21st November 2016

Thanks to Emma another lovely homemade cake to celebrate Sheila Hopwoods birthday. Happy birthday from everyone.

More birthday wishes at Silverleigh

Posted: 9th November 2016

A very Happy Birthday to Pip Reed who celebrates her birthday today. Once again, thank you to the team in the kitchen for making a wonderful birthday cake for her.

Birthday wishes at Silverleigh

Posted: 8th November 2016

Very happy 80th birthday to Mrs Gale and also a big thank you to the chefs in the kitchen for making another delicious birthday cake.

The Check House bonfire celebrations

Posted: 7th November 2016

Some of our residents helped make a guy for the bonfire and then enjoyed both a splendid firework display and some delicious cakes inspired by Guy Faukes!

An extra helper at Thornfield

Posted: 7th November 2016

Thank you to Mrs MacLean who had a busy morning helping to keep Thornfield spick and span for everyone. Here she is in The Snug Inn with Henry!

November 5th at Thornfield

Posted: 7th November 2016

A happy evening was spent at Thornfield celebrating bonfire night. Hotdogs, homemade cookies and hot drinking chocolate topped with cream was enjoyed by everyone as well as the fireworks.

Thank you to Mr Relf who helped make the cookies for the evening.

Birthday wishes at Thornfield.

Posted: 20th October 2016

Emma made an amazing cake to celebrate Mrs Joyce Maclean's birthday today. Happy Birthday from everyone and an enormous thank you to Emma.

Autumn arrives at Silverleigh

Posted: 19th October 2016

Autumn is suddenly upon us and is a perfect theme for an arts and craft activity at Silverleigh.